On-Air HBA Awards Edition Out Now!

OnAir 146 Front CoverThe HBA has today published your Awards Edition of the HBA magazine On-Air.

The Journal of the HBA for nearly a year, when Michelle Newstead had chosen to retire from editing your journal of the HBA. The HBA listened when it's members said that they wanted it to continue. We bring you the news from the HBA National Conference and Awards 2015, in a special edition of On-Air.

This edition has been edited and produced by HBA Anglia Regional Co-ordinator Mike Sarre and I am sure he would appreciate your feedback.

The HBA has made the difficult decision to make On-Air a digitally distributed magazine. It was a difficult decision, but one that needd to be taken in light of the cost of printing against the revenue stream created by it. We hope that you enjoy this new edition in a new format.

You can download the Desktop Edition (9MB) or the Mobile Edition (2MB)