HBA Updates Guidance Documents

The Hospital Broadcasting Association has today released a number of new documents to assist the management teams within it's members, the hospital radio stations broadcasting up and down the UK, in working to the best practice and within the strict requirements of law.

Election Broadcasting Guidance

With a General Election looming, the HBA has updated it's guidance to hospital radio stations. Our guidance covers the requirements for members who are required to hold an OFCOM broadcasting licence and recommends that all our members comply with the OFCOM Broadcasting Code.

Procedure in case of obituary or major incident

This guidance suggests how HBA members might react in the event of an obituary or major incident. It is intended to help the management of member stations formulate their own procedure to deal with such an occurrence.

Converting to a CIO

The HBA recommends that all unincorporated hospital radio stations, as well as any newly formed stations, consider becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The Association has today published it's guidance for members in England and Wales, with guidance for Scotland and Northern Ireland in development.

Health Promotion Broadcasting

Traditionally, hospital radio stations were formed to relieve sickness, poor health and old age amongst people living in their area by providing a local broadcasting service.

As hospitals modernise and develop, stations are increasingly finding that they need to develop with them. Many of our member stations now offer services towards the advancement of health and our updated guidance reflects changes in this area.

Model Magazine Publishing Agreement

Many of our members distribute magazines free of charge to patients and supporters promoting their cause. These magazines are often commercial participator agreements and our updated guidance focuses specifically on ensuring that our members are updated on the laws around this.

Advertising & Sponsorship Guidance

Most Hospital Broadcasting Association member stations are charities, regardless of whether they are registered or not.

Our new guidance on advertising and sponsorship provides help for members to ensure that they do not accidentally agree to take advertising or sponsorship without understanding the associated rules and regulations.


Registered affiliates of HBA member stations can download the new guidance and documents here.