Annual General Meeting

The HBA Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday 24th March 2018, at the De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel, Burfield Road, Old Windsor, SL4 2JJ, during our National Conference.

Representatives of all members are welcome (and encouraged) to attend the meeting, even if not attending the conference. There is no charge to attend the AGM and the subsequent informal meeting. If no-one from your station is able to attend the meeting, you are encouraged to appoint a proxy – which can be the meeting’s chairman – to  vote on your station’s behalf.


Ordinary Business

  1. To adopt the Minutes of the AGM held on 25th March 2017 as a true and accurate record of the meeting (copy enclosed).
  2. To receive the Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts for the year to 31st August 2017 (copy enclosed).
  3. To re-elect Graham Medhurst (of Hospital Radio Chelmsford) as a Trustee (nominated by Hospital Radio Chelmsford and Hospital Radio Hillingdon)

As the election is uncontested, unless any member objects, the meeting will simply be asked to approve the appointment. If a formal objection is raised, then a full ballot will be undertaken.

Meeting Conduct

Participation in the AGM is restricted to the official representative/proxy of Full Members.

Individual Associate Members, representatives of Corporate Associate Members and other members of Full Members are welcome to observe the proceedings.

Appointment of Representative / Proxy

If you wish your organisation to be represented at the AGM, you must appoint your representative / proxy by completing the left-hand portion of the Appointment of Authorised Representative/Proxy form below.

You may appoint any named person (and a deputy if you wish) to represent your organisation. This person may also represent other organisations at the same meeting. Alternatively, you may appoint the Chairman of the Meeting to act as your organisation’s proxy.

Use the right-hand side of the form to instruct your representative / proxy how to vote. You can instruct your proxy to vote for or against each of the resolutions on the agenda, or you can instruct him/her to abstain from voting on a resolution, or allow him/her to vote as he/she sees fit.

Amendments may be proposed, during the meeting, to any of the resolutions on the agenda. You may also instruct your representative / proxy how to vote, in general terms, in these circumstances.

Appointing the chairman of the meeting as your proxy

If you appoint the Chairman of the Meeting as your organisation’s proxy, you MUST complete both parts of the form and return it to the Trustee Board Secretary. He and the Chairman of the Meeting will then ensure that your organisation’s votes are cast as instructed.

If possible, please scan or photograph and e-mail the completed form to, to arrive no later than Thursday 22nd March. If it is not possible for you to scan/photograph the form, please copy the text into the body of an e-mail. If you wish to post the form, please contact the Trustee Board Secretary for a postal address.

Appointing another attendee as your proxy

If you appoint a person other than the Chairman of the Meeting as your organisation’s representative / proxy, completion of the right-hand side of the form is optional. You may either return the left-hand portion of the form to the Trustee Board Secretary as described in the paragraph above, or (preferably) the appointed representative / proxy can present it at the registration desk on the day of the meeting. He/she will not be required to show any HBA officer how he/she has been instructed to vote. Please note that HBA cannot ensure that he/she will vote as you instruct, even if you do complete the right-hand side if the form. This is a private matter between your organisation and the person concerned.

Informal Meeting

The AGM will be followed by an informal meeting, including a question and answer session.