Supporting Hospital Broadcasting in the UK

Contact Details

If you want to get in contact with a representative of the Hospital Broadcasting Association, we'd be happy to hear from you. Here's who you should get in touch with for some of our most common questions:

Becoming A Hospital Broadcasting Volunteer
If you're interested in volunteering or getting involved in hospital broadcasting, your first point of contact should be with your local station. To find the name and contact details for your nearest station, take a look at the Member Stations page and use the Advanced Search facility to search for your town or county.

HBA Membership
Membership of the Hospital Broadcasting Association is open to any hospital broadcasting organisation in the UK; to any individual who is involved in, or has an interest in, hospital broadcasting; and to any organisation which wishes to support the Association and hospital broadcasting in the UK in general.. For questions or issues relating to current or potential membership of the Hospital Broadcasting Association, please contact our Secretary.

Regional Representatives
A member's first point of call is often their Regional Representative, a person able to gather data and gauge opinion at a regional level, reporting back to the Trustee Board. Regional Representatives often hold regional meetings and encourage the sharing of ideas and information between local member stations.

Help & Advice
The Hospital Broadcasting Association is pleased to offer guidance wherever possible, although we are not involved in the internal affairs of our member stations. Technical support and programming advice are both offered through our Technical and Programming Advisors respectively. Policy and administrative guidance is offered by our Secretary.

Long Service Certificates
The HBA is proud to present member stations and their volunteers with Long Service Certificates, in recognition of the countless hours of time that is voluntarily given to support those in hospitals around the UK. For more details, or to apply for a certificate, please contact our President.

Bursaries & Grants
The Hospital Broadcasting Association is happy to consider applications for financial grants and bursaries from any of our members. Such awards are subject to strict criteria, however, and questions relating to these should be directed to our Treasurer.

Publicity & Advertising
Any organisation wishing to support the HBA financially should contact our Sales & Advertising Executive. Members wishing to better publicise their station's activities are advised to seek guidance from the Public Relations Manager, or to submit content to On Air or this website directly.

National Hospital Radio Awards
The Hospital Broadcasting Association is proud to organise an annual awards ceremony to highlight and celebrate the high standard of hospital broadcasting in the UK. Entries are encouraged from all member stations and judging involves a panel of experts that includes representatives from professional media organisations. The main point of contact for the National Hospital Radio Awards is its organiser, our Deputy Chief Executive.

Annual Conference
The annual conference is a popular occasion for those involved in hospital broadcasting nationwide to gather together and share ideas and experience. The annual conference includes the HBA's Annual General Meeting as well as the National Hospital Radio Awards ceremony and gala dinner. Queries relating to the conference in general, including prospective hosts, should be directed to the National Conference Organiser, while booking enquiries are dealt with by the Conference Bookings Organiser.