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HBA Annual General Meeting

The HBA Annual General Meeting is held on the Saturday afternoon during our Annual Conference. Attendance at the meeting is open to representatives of all Full Member stations, and to Associate Members, without charge.

During the meeting, elections will take place for some of the Trustees (there's a 3-year term of office, so usually a third of positions are elected each year), and the Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts is formally received. Member stations can also put forward motions for consideration, if they wish.

Participation in the AGM is restricted to Full Members. Individual Associate Members, representatives of Corporate Associate Members and other members of Full Members are welcome to observe the proceedings, but are not allowed to participate.

Every member has the right to appoint a proxy to represent them at the meeting. The proxy may be the Chairman of the meeting or any other person (for example a member of another station, or the station’s Regional Representative). A proxy has the same rights to participate in the meeting as a duly authorised member of the station; he/she may attend, speak and vote on behalf of the station (and on behalf of any other station who has also appointed him/her as proxy).

We will require the governing body (management committee, board of trustees, etc) of each station to formally appoint their representative or proxy at the AGM. The appropriate forms are sent to members approximately three weeks prior to the meeting, along with the formal notice of the meeting’s agenda and a copy of the Trustees' Annual Report and Accounts.

The AGM will be followed by an informal meeting in which all present are encouraged to participate. The meeting usually includes a review of the last year, a preview of significant events planned for the next year and a question and answer session.

Forthcoming Meeting

    Annual General Meeting 2015
    Saturday 28th March 2015

    Previous Meetings

      Annual General Meeting 2014
      Saturday 29th March 2014
      Annual General Meeting 2013
      Saturday 23rd March 2013
      Annual General Meeting 2012
      Saturday 31st March 2012
      Annual General Meeting 2011
      Saturday 26th March 2011